5-Year-Old Shot in Head While Sleeping

A 5-year-old girl is dead after being shot by a stray bullet in her sleep. In the aftermath, the relatives of Denique ‘Den Den’ Salmon were plunged into mourning.

She wanted a stuffed unicorn for her birthday. Unbeknownst to 5-year-old Denique ‘Den Den’ Salmon, her mother had already placed the order, eager to celebrate her daughter’s upcoming 6th birthday. When Salmon went to bed, they were woken up by gunfire and the sight of ‘Den Den’ clinging to life after being shot in the head by a stray bullet.

The police report that rival criminal factions in the New Haven community of St. Andrew were engaged in a shoot-out after 1 am Thursday, October 7, when the shooting subsided, the 5-year-old was discovered with a shot wound, clinging to life. Denique was rushed to the Bustamante Hospital by police where she later died.

The chilling ordeal was too much for Denique’s distraught mother as she noted if she had know that her daughter would have been hurt then she would would have moved her to the other side of their home. One resident describes ‘Den Den’ as being a joy to the community, a bright girl who can pull a laugh out of anyone. The Duhaney Park Police say they are following strong leads, and a breakthrough is imminent.

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