5 Y.O Mauled Survivor Receives Overseas Treatment

Five year-old to receive overseas treatment: A little under a week ago, 5 year old Mickele Allen was mauled by several dogs in his community. He was on his way to buy sweets but miraculously, Mickele survived the unimaginable.

In CVM LIVE‘s last news update on the matter, it was highlighted that Mickele was in dire need of plastic surgery as well as elevated medical treatment.

On Friday, November 20, Mickele was taken to New York, United States at Montifiore Medical Centre to receive medical attention.

Additionally, one of the key medical nurses working with little Mickele in New York is a Jamaican named Dennis Standbury. Standbury is a registered nurse at the Montifiore Medical Centre.

He says it is a pleasure to come to Jamaica as a nurse in aid of Mickele. Also, he adds that the U.S fundraiser for Mickele has so far covered the cost for his current medical expenses.

Sponsors say, though the actual cost of his treatment can only be determined after their assessment, it is certain that he will be admitted to the medical centre for a couple months.