40 Day Maternity Leave to Take Effect January 1st

As most countries across the world are making paternity leave a more common reality, Jamaica is slowly heading in that direction. Come January 1, 2023, mothers will be allowed a 40-day leave from work, as granted by the ministry of finance and the public service.

However, as discussions are on the table regarding paternity leave, on psychologist highlights the importance of the father’s inclusion. Following the announcement earlier this year by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke regarding maternity leave, the proposed introduction of paternity leave for fathers of newborns and family leave for adoptive parents bringing a new child into the home, is slated to come into effect on January 1, 2023.

Speaking with CVM LIVE, Chairman of Fathers Incorporated Herbert Gayle says the 6-week clinic cycle in which mothers of newborns benefit, is called the physiological needs.

In regards to the involvement of fathers, emotional support would play a considerable role. More details in the report: