The Portland police are again issuing a warning to criminals who continue to use the parish as a safe haven to pursue the illicit trade of drug for guns. 

Since the start of the year the police have had three major drug seizures in the eastern parish. The Portland police are ramping up their surveillance within the parish as criminals continue to use the space as a safe haven for drug trafficking activities. Head of operations in Portland, Deputy Superintendent Velonique Campbell says in many instances, the perpetrators are not from the parish.

Tuesday the police made another major drug seizure in the parish this time along the Victoria Avenue in Buff Bay, the third of its kind since the start of the year. Prior to this the police in February managed to intercept a vehicle in the Manchioneal area with three men transporting approximately 250-pounds of ganja, with a street value of about $1.75 million. DSP Campbell says the police will continue disrupting the illicit trade between Jamaica and Haiti.