$300M Medical Facility by JACDEN and Partners

JACDEN group of companies is partnering with ComBioMed and officials from Cuba to construct a medical facility in Jamaica. Chairman of the group Dennis Brown says the intention of the project is to minimize strenuous health costs for citizens. 

Yesterday they did a tour of the building with technical assistants to track and guide the process.  That is the aim of Jacden Enterprises Ltd in conjunction with delegates from ComBioMed and delegates from the Ministry of Health in Cuba. The partnership will see a building out of a medical facility. Chairman of the JACDEN group of companies Dennis Gordon, says this will include oncology, dialysis, and cardiac. On Saturday the group did a tour at Lyndurst Road in Kingston where construction is being undertaken. 

Dennis says they are also looking forward to expanding the relationship to aid with the cost of health care in Jamaica. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry