3 Persons Shot and Injured in York Town

Three people, 2 males, and a female were shot and injured in York Town, Clarendon on Friday, August 13. The police are linking the shooting to a gang feud in the community.

Reports from the Clarendon police are that the victims were at this cook shop when a car drove up, and armed men opened fire. An eight-year-old boy was shot and killed in the community during a gun attack just a week ago.

Speaking during a roadblock operation in Swansea along the Bustamante High Way on August 13, acting Head of Operations for Clarendon, Deputy Superintendent of Police Owen Brown says an ongoing gang feud in the York Town community is responsible for the attack. DSP Brown says the parish is seeing an uptick in murders. Twenty pounds of marijuana and a motorbike were seized during the operation.

Meanwhile, the Clarendon police say they are putting measures in place to curb the uptick in crime in the central parish.

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