The Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has confirmed that 23 Jamaican students are currently in the city of Lviv, located in the western end of Ukraine. As tensions increase east Ukraine, Minister Of Foreign affairs Kamina Johnson-Smith says the Jamaican government has been finalizing arrangements for the students to return to Jamaica.

Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith has confirmed that of a total of 28 Jamaican students are currently still in Ukraine, 23 of them are now in Lviv which is merely two hours from the polish border. They will remain in Lviv for one night only with arrangements having been made for the students to arrive in Poland tomorrow. Minister Johnson-Smith says students traveling on the train were advised by the their parents to remain on board

She notes that the students flight from Ukraine has been arduous, with thousands of Ukrainians making their way to the border. The Minster adds Chargé D’Affaires at the Jamaican Embassy in Germany, Denise Sealy will leave Jamaica tomorrow for the Jamaican Embassy in Poland. Earlier this week, it was reported that the government and the opposition had both independently sourced funds to assist the students, however Minister Johnson-Smith clarifies that all expenses will be covered by the Government.