The UK government has deported approximately 17 Jamaicans despite Monday’s court ruling to stop the scheduled flight. The result of this development has raised concerns about foreign policy and the possible link to Windrush scandal report which is yet to be published.

The move by the UK government to continue with this charter flight has been heavily criticized. Up to this point, there had been calls from the UK government to suspend the flight until a report on the Windrush scandal was published – but recently a draft of the report was leaked which said the government should consider ending the deportation of foreign born offenders.

But what we have seen unfolding on Tuesday appears to be the complete opposite..

Many are wondering why the Jamaican government continues to accept flights with so-called dangerous criminals in a country that is already struggling to control crime. Overseas, even British politicians are shocked that the government went ahead with the flight despite a court ruling to postpone it.

The Chairman of the Windrush Movement in the UK says many persons were not allowed sufficient time to get legal advice.