15 Year Old Boy Hacked to Death, No Suspect

A 15 Year Old student of the Spanish Town high school in St Catherine was brutally slain. His mother discovered the lifeless body, but the police have no suspect. Law enforcers in the parish are appealing for help in piecing the gruesome and mysterious death. 

Blood-curdling screams from a mother alerted the community of Jones Pen in Spanish Town on Monday afternoon sending the resident rushing to her aid.

Residents followed the scream to the river bank and found the mother staring at her son’s lifeless body lying in bushes with multiple chop wounds.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the body of the deceased was seen lying on its side clad in a white merino, black and orange shorts, and barefooted with multiple chop wounds to the left hand while the neck was partially severed.

The deceased has been identified as 15-year-old Kevin Mckenzie a student of Spanish Town high school residing at Backlands, Jones Pen.

Residents from the community were tight-lipped however, one resident spoke of the horror. The resident believes that the 15 Year Old did not deserve a gruesome death. Police say they have no suspects and are asking citizens to assist them in bringing the perpetrators to justice. They say they are ramping up operational activities in the areas of Shelter Rock, Jones Ave, Lakes Pen, and Quarry Hill.

Some of the descriptions may be graphic, viewer discretion is advised.