15 Schools – After nine months of closure, the resumption of face to face teaching is back in session, but only for 15 schools that were opened on Tuesday, November 10, after receiving the green light from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in keeping with the COVID-19 health protocols.

Our news team visited two schools in St. Ann. Masks on, social distancing being observed and hand washing being done.

Steer Town Primary and Junior High, with a population of five hundred and eighty-five (585) students, were expecting one hundred and fifty (150) of that cohort to be in school but only nighty-one (91) students were present on that date.

Nonetheless, the process was seamless. A class by class rotation module is being used daily and online teaching continues.

Over at chalky Hill Primary and Infant School, only nine students showed up for classes; meanwhile, in St. James at the Somerton All Age and Infant School, the little ones got their hands sanitized and temperatures checked upon entering the compound.

And classes were in full swing.