The notorious Klansman Gang Trial started on September 20, 2021. Since then, a myriad of testimonies from state, citizen, and law enforcement witnesses called to the stand, unfolded horrifying information regarding the gang’s operations.

More than a year later, 15 of the initial 33 members have been handed a guilty verdict by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes. 15 remain, 17 acquitted, 1 dead, in what remains the largest gang trial in Jamaica, and the Caribbean. The trial which started with 33 accused members of the St. Catherine-based Klansman Gang, concluded its verdict phase, Wednesday, as those convicted await sentencing. They have been convicted on varying charges of facilitating a serious offence, murder, conspiracy to murder, arson, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, and being a member of a criminal organization.

The prosecution’s case against the vicious gang was strongly based and centered around the sole testimonies and efforts of two former gang members turned state witnesses. Their testimonies were instrumental in the verdict phase, as Chief Justice Bryan Sykes relied heavily on the details they provided about the members and the illegal activities they carried out such as the purchasing of guns, extortion, arson, and repeated instances of murder across the breath of the parish. 

Convicted Klansman members, to be sentenced in July are gang leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan, the sole woman Stephanie “Muma” Cole-Christie, Michael Whitely, Dylon Mclean, Lamar Simpson, Tareek James, Fabian Johnson, Jahzeel Blake, Roel Taylor, Joseph Mcdermott, Jermaine Robinson, Andrae Golding, Tomrick Taylor, Brian Morris, and Ted Prince.

Meanwhile, the 17 acquitted were Jason Brown, Brothers Marco and Pete Miller, Ricardo Thomas, Carl Beech, Chevroy Evans, Kemar Harrison, Donovan Richards, Dwight Hall, Daniel Mckenzie, Kalifa Williams, Kevaughn Green, Damaine Elliston, Rushane Williams, Rivaldo Hylton, Owen Ormsby, and Dwayne Salmon.

One accused, Andre Smith, who was out on bail during the trial, was murdered in December 2022. The sentencing period begins July 3, 2023.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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