117 Pounds of Ganja Retrieved by Marine Police 

One hundred and seventeen pounds of compressed ganja was retrieved by the Marine Police early morning on Thursday, December 8. At approximately 1:15 am, the Marine Police proceeded to the Kingston Terminal Limited where a canister was retrieved from one of the cargo ships leaving for Trinidad and Tobago. Inside, approximately 117 pounds of compressed ganja. Deputy Superintendent of Police and Operations Officer for the Marine Division, Collin Melonese, says the canister was carefully and skillfully attached to the vessel. He adds, between 7 to 9 canisters have so far been removed from cargo vessels leaving the island this year. This operation adds to the success rate of the Marine Police, as Melonese praises their efforts to remove over half a billion dollars worth of drugs from the country. With what little he could say regarding the execution of the operation, he notes the uprising in Haiti has led to that section of the region being intensively surveyed. He says the Marine Police will be relentless in their pursuit, especially during the festive season. No arrests have been made in connection to the recent bust, but investigations have already begun. 

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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