Police Constable Noel Maitland, the boyfriend of missing Social Media Influencer, Donna lee Donaldson, made his third appearance in court on Friday, to seek bail. The matter was transferred from the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to the Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston.

A specific time frame is now set by the prosecutors, to gather all evidence to make full disclosure against the accused. Judge Vinette Graham-Allen says those timelines are important for adequate disclosure needed.

The Constable who’s also a music producer, appeared with his legal team, minutes after 11, in a dark-grey jacket suit. One of his lawyers, Chadwick Berry, explains to the Judge that the defendant is yet to know the position he’s in, due to the crown’s inability to present a complete case file for prosecution.

“Save it!’ says Chief Judge Chester Crooks, who immediately dismissed the attorney’s remarks, while noting he must be careful of what is being said as the court of public opinion is woefully misinformed. Subsequently, Judge Crooks says the matter here in the parish court has concluded and will be transferred to the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston, effective immediately.

So said so done, as Maitland was transferred to the Circuit court, where he appeared with three members of his legal team, minutes after 2 in the presence of a relative of the deceased.

The prosecutors then explained to Judge Vinette Graham-Allen, that a partial disclosure was made to the defendant at the Parish Court, noting there are additional statements to be served, including forensic evidence.

After which Judge Graham-Allen, approved the time frame requested by the crown, to gather additional evidence to complete the case evidence for prosecution.

The crown asserts that once those documents are collected full disclosure will be made. The case file is expected to be completed on November 11.

However, Maitland’s attorney says a bail application could still be made for his client prior to the completion of the case evidence.

As such, a new bail date hearing was agreed upon by the judge and the defendant, which is set for October 4 at 10 am.

The Judge then ordered Maitland to be remanded until his next bail hearing.

Meanwhile, scores of relatives and loved ones of Donaldson were outside both court houses, demanding justice for the missing woman.

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Reporter: Justin Graham