In 2019, the Child Protection and Family Services agency dealt with 14 thousand cases of child abuse in Jamaica. It is for this reason that CPFSA continues to hold forums to teach the public about child abuse and how they can play a part in stopping it in the home and community.

“The reports come to us through the National Children’s Registry. They are assigned to investigators who go into the field, into the homes, into the schools, to the community to confirm whether or not the reports or so. Once they go in and identify, we work with other stakeholders to provide support,” says Chief Executive Officer of the CPFSA, Rosalee Gage Grey.

Gage Grey says the aim is to make persons aware of how to protect the nation’s children because not everyone knows how.

“The psychological impact of violence and trauma that children suffer as a result of the abuse is causing a severe mental health issue among our children in Jamaica,” she adds.

State Minister in the Education Ministry, Alando Terrelonge, in his response to the child abuse issue, says there have been far too many instances .

“When we speak of it takes a village to raise a child it really does – it takes an entire nation committed to the growth and development and prosperity of our children to ensure the laws are enacted and the relevant values and attitudes are in place.”

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