Lack of Resources Linked to Victoria Jubilee Hospital Baby Deaths

Since the death of twelve babies at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, there have been mounting concerns regarding the bacteria that caused their demise. 

While several factors to including climate change and proper sanitation have been considered, the 2nd Vice President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica, Karen Wright Foster says there is a lack of resources plaguing the nation’s public health sector. She laments that at times, resources such as medication are limited. 

These sentiments were mirrored by the President of The Nurses Association of Jamaica, Patsy Edwards Henry.

She notes, over the 30 years she has been at the Victoria  Jubilee Hospital, the institution has always had challenges. She says this is because bacteria can be found in every hospital. 

The Nurses Association of Jamaica President accepts, efforts to mitigate this, such as sanitation requires patients and staff alike practicing proper hygiene.

She says, despite the unfortunate situation, the hospital does not have an excessive, uncontrolled death rate.

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman