KSAMC Clamps Down On Illegal Garages

On Wednesday, garages operating illegally in the municipality were disrupted by Members of the Municipal Police, in Kingston and St Andrew.

Commandant for the Municipal Police, Dwayne Anderson says approximately 15 vehicles were confiscated by his Members in Kingston and St Andrew on Wednesday, their success follows targeted operations at illegal garages.

He notes the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation, (KSAMC) has been clamping down on these operations, as cease and desist notices have repeatedly been ignored.

During this latest operation on Henderson Road, garage operators and residents grew hostile towards the KSAMC team.

Despite the violent threats, the team remained calm and steadfast in carrying out their duties.

Anderson says the garages within public spaces, including sidewalks have created many inconveniences and posed a threat to commuters.

He is again imploring operators to comply.

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