Residents will be compensated by JISCO Alpart for the dust nuisance they experienced in December and early January.

Government Minister Daryl Vaz made the announcement when he met company representatives and later toured affected communities. On Thursday the government met Alpart to urgently address the continuing dust nuisance and lack of action from the company. Minister Daryl Vaz says an agreement was made and residents will be compensated

He notes that according to the agreement all residents should receive compensation by the end of February. But residents remain dissatisfied with what they believe to be a lack of concern for their health. The 650 acres of mud lake has created health worries for residents who say their health has been compromised.

According to Vaz a total of four hundred doctor requests have been submitted by residents. Cvm understands that Alpart is spending around one million us dollars on dust suppression measures. Vaz says talks were also made to increase the number of water trucks going into the communities each day.

He also adds that the government will prioritize a longterm solution with JISCO which will benefit both the citizens and the environment. Vaz says investigations will continue to assess the effects of the dust prior to early January and the bauxite company has agreed to compensate if needs be.