In a heartbreaking turn of events on the last day of 2023, the Edwards family, featured in Inspire Jamaica laid their 17-year-old son, Showayne Edwards Jr, to rest in St. Thomas today. Showayne Jr. had been eagerly anticipating his 17th birthday on December 22, a milestone now overshadowed by his untimely passing. The teenager’s family had hoped to celebrate the holidays together, but instead, they find themselves shattered, mourning, and grappling with the loss. Despite Showayne Jr.’s health challenges, his parents ensured he retained his dignity. However, the family faced the strain of watching him spend his final days in a hospital. The teenager, under medical supervision, sent distressing text messages to his family, expressing fear and doubt about leaving the hospital alive.

Explore this tragic story and the family’s quest for justice in our ongoing Inspire Jamaica series with Kerlyn Brown.

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