Mustard Seed Communities Gain Greater Sustainability

June 8, 2019

One organization has been anchoring the lives of many vulnerable youngsters and encouraging many Jamaicans to do the same. The Mustard Seed Group maintains that it does not want to abandon a child twice. 

The children the group provide for must not only be maintained but must be brought to their fullest potential, through a dream that is spiritually high and morally grounded.

Through the Mustard Seed communities, some one thousand children, who were hungry across the continent of Africa, are now being fed daily. 

Visionaries are committed to harvesting as much as possible from the land that is currently in use, which was leased from the Government of Jamaica.

Signature water storage drums located on the property of Jacob’s Ladder, can now be fully utilized through a steady stream of the precious commodity that they lack previously.

The compound is now better sustained as the water will greater aid in providing to the area. 

Some 500 Gallons per minute will be produced and the organization hopes to bottle the water to contribute to greater sustainability of the compound.

In providing inspiration, Reverend Garvin Augustine says children need to respect those in charge as the care provided is done out of love and if it is not so, it must be told to protect the future of our society.