Infirmaries To Get Tablets And Smartphones

Infirmaries to get smart devices: The Government will be allocating a number of tablets and smartphones to infirmaries to facilitate contact between residents and their loved ones over the holiday period.

This was disclosed by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Desmond McKenzie, during the sitting of the House of Representatives yesterday, December 8.

Visits to residents of infirmaries have been banned by a Disaster Risk Management Order.

“We will be doing this right through to the end of January,” McKenzie noted.

Meanwhile, the Minister also informed that there is a waiting list of more than 570 persons waiting to gain admission into infirmaries and Golden Age homes.

He said the Local Government Ministry will be engaging the Ministry of Health and Wellness in discussions to address the issue.

“The number may be high; we are not sure we are in a position to have so many bed spaces, but we are going to be looking at working with my colleague Minister of Health on a system next year, to see how we can, in a responsible way, look to give consideration to those who are in need,” he noted.