Human Trafficking Still A Human Rights Violation

Human Trafficking Still A Human Rights Violation- Anti-trafficking stakeholders will now have access to further information on human trafficking and data from local and international sources. That’s according to the Office of the National Rapporteur on trafficking in persons. Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison who is the National Rapporteur says there is now an online resource library on human trafficking.

“Human Trafficking debilitates the very fibre of a victim’s being and disrupts any semblance of normalcy for them and their loved ones. This sobering reality is further compounded when one considers that only one percent of victims is ever rescued while the perpetrators of this crime continue to benefit from what has been estimated in some quarters as amassing profits of up to US$150 billion.”

On a global level, human trafficking remains an issue with many children being trafficked who have been sexually exploited and abused. The Office of the National Rapporteur has now partnered with specialists in anti-human trafficking to push its resource library on human trafficking with a comprehensive database of research- and referral information for survivors.

“We acknowledge that traffickers in Jamaica profit from child sex trafficking and forced child labour using many different criminal schemes across all fourteen parishes,” says Program Officer at the US Department of State, Marissa Pietrobono.

The Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang says greater awareness on human trafficking is necessary in building out the capacity of anti trafficking stakeholders.

“Jamaica has recognised the problem and we’ve been working assiduously with the Office of National Rapporteur.”