High Drama in Gun Court, Kingston

Raldon Foster who was held with an illegal firearm and ammunition at the Kingston Gun Court on October 17, 2022 and pleaded guilty was sentenced to 4 years and two months for both counts by High Court judge Ms Calys Wiltshire

He proceeded to threaten to kill the investigating officer at the end of his sentence. Consequently, he was drawn back before the court on Friday where the prosecution outlined to the court what he uttered to the escorting officer, “mi a guh duh mi sentence and buss up da man deh”. While the judge explained that she could not adjust his sentence she says the prosecution could proceed based on the threat. As Foster was being escorted from the court he shouted to the officer, “nuh kill mi ova diss.” Meanwhile CVM LIVE understands he was formerly sought by the police for murder but was not charged.

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