The Guanaboa Vale Police in St. Catherine are embarking on a drive to rid the streets of illegal motorcycles, which they say are contributing to disorder in and around the community.

Officer in charge of the station, Sergeant Wayne Constantine, says the police have clamped down on the illegal bikes before. However, persons have still found ways to disobey the law.

Sergeant Constantine warned that the latest initiative will be different, pointing out that the police are now ready to prosecute the offenders and finally remove them from the streets.

He was speaking during a virtual community meeting on April 29.

Sergeant Constantine said that in addition to road traffic breaches, the owners of the bikes have altered the mufflers, which give off excessive noise and disturb neighborhoods.

“It is annoying, and some of these guys are inconsiderate. We are at a time when schools are being held online, and there is no care in the world for anybody, when they start up the bikes and are revving the engines,” Mr. Constantine outlined. He explained that under the latest initiative, the police will, among other things, be tracing the origins of the bikes down to the last person in possession of them, in the effort to curtail the problem.

Meanwhile, Zone Commander in the St. Catherine North Police Division, Deputy Superintendent Ilene McKenzie, told the forum that the police are appealing to well-thinking community members to help in stemming the incidents of crime and violence in the area.