Grooming Rules for School Under Review

There has been an ongoing discourse over the years as it relates to the grooming rules for schools and public institutions.

Speaking at the National Council of Reparations (NCR) webinar yesterday July 15, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Hon. Olivia Grange, said recommendations for the revision of dress and grooming requirements for schools and public institutions are now underway.

Grange said the Ministry on the direction of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is making recommendations for the revision of the dress and grooming requirements for schools and public institutions including hospitals.

Minister Grange said this move is in keeping with the Government’s aim to encourage acceptance of positive cultural identifiers in society.

“There can be no barrier to accessing public services based on a hairstyle or antiquated dress requirements, these are remnants of a colonial past.” she said

The Minister said these dress codes are not reflective of our identity as a nation, nor are they responsive to modern trends or even our tropical climate.

She added that the Ministry is intentional in completing this aspect of the work of our independent nation

Additionally, Minister Grange denoted that the Government of Jamaica is dedicated to the cause of reparations for the descendants of enslaved people of the Caribbean by former European slave-trading nations.

She commended the NCR and its partners for their commitment to the cause of reparatory justice and the fight for civil liberties.