Government To Monitor Drive-in Cinemas

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Desmond McKenzie, says that drive-in cinemas will be monitored. This is to ensure that they operate in adherence to the COVID-19 protocols.

“We are going to be engaging the operator, to ensure that the strict protocols surrounding how many persons can be in a motor vehicle will be worked out,” he said while addressing a digital press conference on October 28.

Minister McKenzie noted that the Government “has sanctioned and will be working for the establishment of drive-in facilities to provide a certain level of entertainment”.

He said that although permission has been granted for the reopening of cinemas and theatres, those entities have been experiencing “some challenges in operations” given the nightly curfew restrictions, which is from 9:00 5:00 a.m. daily.

He noted that the date for the opening of the drive-ins was pushed back due to inclement weather impacting the country.

Meanwhile, McKenzie informed that the ban on nightclubs is still in place. He reminded Jamaicans that no permits have been issued for the staging of parties. He also urged members of the public to comply with the instructions of the security forces in this regard.

“We are presently working to make adjustments to the Disaster Risk Management Act to make breaking the offence one that persons will regret that they have done. So I urge the public for their support as we continue to grapple with this outbreak that is affecting us,” he said.