A large pile up of garbage and a breeding ground for flies and rodents, a feeding location for animals that rummages through the rubbles. Residents of Marlie Acres, Old Harbour ,St Catherine are calling on the relevant authorities to address the long standing issue of improper garbage disposal in their community.

One resident explain a number of businesses, schools and homes are in close proximity which further makes them worried about potential health hazards.

During an interview with CVM Live, a parent says the community has been faced with the issue for many years. Appealing to relevant authorities she says despite close proximity to schools,  residents continue to practice improper garbage disposal.

 Additionally, Councillor for the Old Harbour Central Division, Steve Graham expresses his frustration about the problem. He adds the land is privately owned and is urging residents to properly dispose of waste.

The Councillor reveals there are plans underway for the town. More details here: