A new four-unit housing solutionis being constructed ona burnt out site on Elgin Street in Denham Town, West Kingston, for the persons affected.

The Government is also looking atthe building becoming a model unit for poor families in dire need of housing solutions.

The project consists of three one-bedroom apartments and a two-bedroom apartment,and is being monitored by the Poor Relief Department of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC). The four-unit structure will cost approximately $8 million to build.

            “These will attract a certain payment, which the Poor Relief Department of the KSAMC will work out with the persons who are receiving the units,” Member of Parliament for the area, said Hon. Desmond McKenzie .

            Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, visited the construction site on Saturday (November 30) to have a look at the model solution.

            He said it is one development that he is paying close attention to, as there is a possibility of it being replicated in other sections of the island.

“A structure like this would possibly accommodate three or four families,and would be affordable. I am particularly going to pay attention to this, to see the cost at which they have managed to complete this. If the cost is reasonable, then we will seek to replicate it right across the community,” Mr. Holness said.

            “We have to give credit to the Member of Parliament, Hon. Desmond McKenzie,for structures like these, which are being designed and built for the people of the area. They are strong structures, solid structures designed economically, so they will come out very affordable,”he added.

            Mr. McKenzie gave a brief history regarding the property, and how a fire destroyed the previous house on the land.

“The last major development that took place in this constituency was in 1986. These are going to be reasonable housing solutions. This will play a great part in reducing the housing needs of the people of West Kingston and several other communities across the Corporate Area, which have a similar feature in terms of its [poor] housing conditions,” he said.

            He said that families in the Denham Town area that are in dire need of new housing solutionswill benefit through the KSAMC.