The Privy Council’s Ruling On INDECOM’s Powers

The Privy Council’s Ruling On INDECOM’s Powers After almost 10 years of litigation, the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has lost its appeal at the Privy Council to initiate criminal prosecutions.

The case originated from a 2010 challenge brought by the police federation in the Supreme Court where the union challenged INDECOM’s powers of arrest.

 The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council ruled that INDECOM does not have the power to arrest, charge, or prosecute.

Shortly after the ruling, Commissioner Terrence Williams who has been at the helm of INDECOM since its inception a decade ago announced he would not seek a third term

A subsequent press release from the police federation has sparked potential legal action by Commissioner Williams who through his lawyer suggested that the wording of the federations release have negatively affected Mr. Williams’ personal and professional reputation.

To discuss the Privy Council ruling we are joined by Detective Sargeant, Patrae Rowe Chairman of the police federation and Defense Attorney Peter Champagne Queens Council.

CVM TV reached out to INDECOM but was told the commissioner would not be available.