Kingston, Jamaica: CVM Television recently launched its internship programme, welcoming 22 students from the University of Technology (UTech, Jamaica), the University of the West Indies (UWI), Northern Caribbean University (NCU), and the HEART Institute. As part of the new CVM-TV’s commitment to nation-building and youth development, the media house will assign interns to various departments including production, engineering, marketing, and finance.

“Media is an ever-growing, ever-changing landscape and will require fresh talent with new skills. As a media entity, we have an obligation to assist in the training and preparation of the next generation of practitioners and so we welcome these new interns and hope to teach them as much as possible in the time that they are here,” said Danielle Black, Human Resource Manager of CVM TV.

She continued, “This experience will hopefully result in several students joining CVM-TV on a long-term basis so selfishly it gives us a first-hand view of their capabilities while we strive to successfully prepare the interns to compete for positions in media and other industries.”

The programme coincided with Jamaica’s celebration of Youth Month and offers interns hands-on training and experience in all aspects of operating a media business. Through practical experience and observation, the interns will learn how to function in a professional environment that requires high energy levels, the ability to perform under pressure, and help them to develop time management and other skills.

“The Bachelor of Communication Arts and Technology (BACAT) unit here at the University of Technology (UTECH) is thrilled to have our final year students participating in CVM-TV’s internship program. This opportunity aligns with our mission to empower budding talent and equip them with real-world experiences that are essential for their professional journey. We believe that this collaboration will not only enrich our students’ skills by fostering a dynamic learning environment but also prepare them for the evolving landscape of the media industry,” said Rolando A. Smith, Co-operative Education Coordinator of UTECH Jamaica’s BACAT unit.

Interns will be at CVM-TV for a period of three to six weeks before returning to their studies.