CSEC, CAPE, City & Guilds Results & Analysis

Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Hon Fayval Williams, shared highlights from the results and analysis of secondary level external examinations sat in July and August this year and administered through the Offices of the Overseas Examination Commission.

Of the 32617 students who sat the CSEC, only 9234 passed five or more subjects with English and Mathematics with 66% males failing mathematics, 57% failing science, 55% failing language arts, and 50% failing social studies
Fewer girls are failing – 51% failing mathematics, 44% failing sciences, 35% failing language arts, and 37% failing social studies

As a result of the onset of the COVID- 19 pandemic, The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) made the policy decision to offer the following modified examination process:

  1. Administration of at least one common paper (Multiple Choice Assessments) School Based Assessments (SBAs) and Paper 032s (Alternative to SBA)for private candidates; and Award of final grades based on the moderated SBAs and Multiple Choice Assessments

There were exceptions to the process where candidates were required to complete additional components:

(i) Modern Languages (Spanish, French and Portuguese) (Paper 01, Paper 02 and Orals)

(ii) Human and Social Biology (Paper 01 and Paper 02)

(iii) Visual Arts (SBAs and Research Component)

This strategy employed the e-Testing modality (online and offline) in order toreduce the examinations administration processing time resulting in the shortestturn-around time for marking and the release of examination results. In addition, it provided an opportunity for the timely presentation of grades to facilitatematriculation to higher education or to access employment.

Based on these adjustments the results of the 2019 cannot be compared with 2020.

The preliminary report and analysis of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams showed that 76.5 per cent were awarded grades 1-3 in the subjects sat this year. 


Preliminary Notes on the 2020 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examination Results for All Jamaicans

There were 233,723 subject entries from all Jamaican candidates. Of the subject entries sat, 167,469, or 76.5% were awarded grades 1-3.

GradeTotal No. of StudentsPercentage

Total subject entries for males were 93,093 with 85,111(91.4%) being sat and 63,395(74.5%) attaining the required grades. On the other hand, total subject entries for females were 140,630 with 133,704(95.1%) being sat and 104,074(77.8%) attaining grades 1-3.

Mathematics and English Language, recorded percentage passes of 55.6 and 83.9 % respectively.

Regarding the national exit exams: Nine (9) subjects had average pass rates of over 90 %. These were Agricultural Science Double Award (94.4%), Agricultural Science Single Award (92.9%), Electronic Document Preparation and Management (96.4%), Food, Nutrition and Health (91.9%), Information Technology (90.2%), Physical Education and Sport (98.6%) and Principles of Business (93.4%), Religious Education (90.0%) and Theatre Arts (92.3%).

The 2020 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Preliminary Results for All Jamaicans

  • The preliminary report and analysis of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) showed 42,431 entries for CAPE Unit 1 with the total number of sittings being 39,562. Of this number 36, 469 attained grades I- V for a 92% pass rate.
GradeTotal No. of StudentsPercentage
I7,986  14.14  
II12,598  22.31  
III13,346  23.63  
IV11,319  20.04  
V7,232  12.81  

Financial Services Studies, French, Performing Arts Unit 1 and Physical Education and Sport recorded a 100 % pass rate.

Digital Media as well as Animation and Game Design had 98 % pass rates; Physics had a 95 % pass rate while Chemistry had an 85 % pass rate.

  • There were 19,571 entries for CAPE Unit 2 with the total number of sittings being 18,288. Of this number 17,002 students attained grades I-V for a pass rate of 93 %.

National exit exams – City and Guilds 2020 Preliminary Results

Centre Assessment Grading (CAG) for June 2020- Phase 1

In addition, City & Guilds also introduced a Calculated Grading Methodology referred to as the Centre Assessment Grading (CAG) Strategy as there were no formal sittings for either Mathematics or English Skills this exam period.

Phase 1 results represent 61% of all results for registered candidates. The remaining 39% (Phase 2) is being vetted by London and is expected to be ready by October 2020. 

The Ministry has an ongoing thrust to ensure that students exit the system with certifications in at least 5 exit exams and one TVET subject.


A total of 16,754 students sat for Certification in Mathematics. Of the 16,754 students:

  • 790 entered for Stage 1 (lowest level)
  • 9,619 entered for Stage 2;
  • 6,345 entered for Stage 3.  

Based on the Center Assessment Grading (CAG), the overall pass rate for all three stages combined was 67 per cent. Stage 1 had a pass rate of 43 per cent while Stages 2 and 3 had pass rates of 58.1 per cent and 83.6 per cent respectively. Students who were successful in stage 2 and 3 can choose to go on to the next higher grade.

English (Reading and Writing)

A total of 12,734 students were assessed in Reading and Writing. Of that number:

  • 912 were entered for Stage 1; (the lowest level)
  • 7246 for Stage 2
  • 4576 for Stage 3.

The overall pass rate for all three stages of English combined was 74 per cent. Stage 1 had a pass rate of 52 per cent while Stages 2 and 3 had pass rates of 66.9 per cent and 88.9 percent respectively.