Health Minister Confirms Omicron Variant in Jamaica

Jamaica record one case of the new Omicron variant, this was reported by the Health Minister  Dr. Christopher Tufton during a Health Ministry’s ‘COVID Conversation’

A traveler who had a brief stay at a local resort returned a positive test for COVID-19 and confirmed the Omicron variant. Health Minister said the team was alerted by the United Nation Kingdoms International Health Regulation System, that the woman, who visited Jamaica was confirmed for the virus.

Highlighting that the aim is not to raise an alarm, Minister Tufton expressed that Jamaicans need to be on their guard.

In the last COVID Conversation, the Health Minister advised that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is likely to be in Jamaica by the end of the year.

“|It’s highly contagious” – Health Minister

“Omicron is spread more easily than the original SARSCoV-2″ says Dr. Tufton, explaining that COVID-19 vaccine is still the best response to the virus.

Vaccination Numbers: 1.194 million Vaccine Does – 557,000 persons vaccinated, representing 20.4 % of the population

25.9% have at least one dose, 2631 booster shots and 612 third doses have been administered since it was made available.


Males are significantly more likely to die from COVID-19 if they contract it (the virus)

Dr. Karen Webster-Kerr, Principal Medical Officer, National Epidemiologist, Ministry of Health and Wellness, Jamaica

The World Health Organization designated ‘B.1.1.529′ now called Omicron, as a variant of concern on the 26th of November.

More details will be shared in subsequent articles and newscasts.