The Crime Monitoring and Oversight Committee, (CMOC) has reacted to statements made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness while addressing the launch of the National Violence Prevention Commission, a body that will be data-driven and constitutes of independent individuals, that focus on the issue of violent aggression as a root cause of crime.

The Prime Minister on August 11, said that quote “we haven’t been able to get a political consensus on crime”. Executive Director of Crime Monitoring and Oversight Committee, Lieutenant Colonel Oral Khan shared his interpretation of the wording of the Prime Minister’s statement.

The Prime Minister also said in reference to consensus that “we are attempting it. We have a framework in place, we have the Crime Monitoring Oversight Committee (CMOC), but we haven’t reached a genuine consensus on how to tackle crime. “Some political observers suggested it appeared as though the Prime Minister may have been distancing himself from Crime Monitoring and Oversight Committee. However, Lieutenant Colonel Khan, says dialogue is ongoing and positive.

The Crime Monitoring and Oversight Committee executive was in agreement with Prime Minister Holness that public sentiment is important for a consensus on crime to be established.

Reporter: Aladden Love

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