There was a renewed call for peace and unity at a community meeting held in hermitage earlier this week in relation to a recent flare-up of violence in the St. Andrew Eastern Communities.

Despite apparent division across the communities, residents and political representatives are confident that the violence can come to an end. August town has been plagued by violence over the past few weeks with residents calling for greater police intervention.

Recently a community meeting was held in the community which saw residents and others coming together with the hope of identifying urgent solutions.

Member of Parliament for St Andrew Eastern, Fayval Williams says despite many failed interventions in the past, she believes there is hope as residents too are desperately demanding peace.

Williams notes that a number of social institutions have been integrated into the community to help eliminate acts of violence. She explains that cameras have also been installed across the communities to assist in police investigation.

But councilor for the Papine division, Venesha Phillips says while she commends the efforts of the community meeting she was expecting much more from the residents.

Also calling for peace is the Guild President of The University of the West Indies Mona, Christina Williams. Williams tells residence that despite the setbacks the community can and must bounce back from the ongoing violence.