Clarendon Stakeholders Demand Better Road and Drains

Scores of residents in one section of Clarendon are demanding swift attention for a stretch of roadway in the parish deemed a death trap when it rains. 

Videos of the flood waters trapping and washing away vehicles on the New Longsville Main Road have left many in shock.

While some sections of the island were met with drizzles from the recent trough, some residents in Clarendon were soaked and near left for dead in their vehicles en route to Chapelton.

The videos rendered many speechless after the New Longsville Main Road was quickly converted to a murky riverbed, seen in the aftermath with mud and rocks.

The motorists have had enough threatening to take matters into their own hands, not to repair the roads but to get the authority’s attention.

One man explains it is been this way for years, when it rains, next to nothing is safe in this area.

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