Champagnie Commends Rocky Meade’s Decision 

On the heels of Lieutenant General Rocky Meade declining the Prime Minister’s appointment of him as Cabinet Secretary, Attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie is commending the Lieutenant on making what he calls, the honorable decision. 

King’s Counsel Champagnie says it would be unconstitutional for General Meade to hold that position, as he lacks a fundamental requirement for the post. Although General Meade served decades in a public office, the constitution makes it clear that there is a distinct difference between the military and civil service.

In fact, the role of Cabinet Secretary requires the incumbent to head the civil service, thus sparking much skepticism on his suitability for the post. Champagnie says it is obvious Prime Minister Andrew Holness was ill-advised. He urges the administration to be more thorough in executing their roles. 

Meade would have succeeded Ambassador Douglas Saunders. 

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Reporter: Velonique Bowen