Police Investigation In George Wright Case Now At An End

The Jamaica Constabulary Force says its investigation into the alleged physical altercation between Member of Parliament, George Wright and a Businesswoman, Tannisha Singh has come to an end at this time.

The Force says this is due to an unwillingness to participate on the part of both involved parties and witnesses, as well as the poor quality of the video alleged to have captured the incident.

Over a week ago, both parties made independent reports on the incident that took place earlier that day. The JCF says both parties were advised to seek medical attention and return to give formal statements. However, statements were not made by either party.

The incident was alleged to have been caught in a video that later made the rounds on social media.

The JCF says earlier this week, both parties were interviewed in the presence of their attorneys in which they both stated they had no intention of pursuing the matter any further.

Additionally, the JCF says it is committed in its pursuit of cases involving domestic abuse, regardless of the individual or individuals who are alleged to have committed the act. However, in order to pursue such matters, the Police require statements that are of probative value. 

Additionally, the JCF says if either or both parties wish to revisit the matter at a later date, the Police are willing to resume investigations accordingly.