On October 1, 2022, the Bulgin brothers were laid to rest. Despite the weather holding up, the tears of hundreds of friends and family could not, as the ceremony pulled on every string of emotion, reflecting heavily on the lives of Tavaughn and Tavaris Bulgin.

The brothers, ages 21 and 26 respectively, drowned mysteriously while on a Summer Work and Travel Program last month in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Reports are, they jumped off the Jaw’s Bridge, a popular diving spot; only, they reportedly dived to their death. 

Saturday morning’s funeral featured several tributes, describing both men as god-fearing and authentic. Tavaris’s schoolmates say he was among the most admired and respected during his years at the University of Technology. Likewise, Tavaughn was said to be driven, focused, and poised for success.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Clarendon South Eastern, Pearnel Charles Jr, also vowed for the brother’s character. He is committing his support for a scholarship created in honour of the brothers. 

Several political representatives attended the thanksgiving to lend support to the grieving family.

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