Anthony Hylton: There’s a Stranger in the House

During the Sitting of the House of Representatives, seconds after the Prime Minister stood to make his presentation, Opposition Member of Parliament Anthony Hylton stood to address the House, quote, ” There is a stranger in the house”.

Hylton’s statement led to a fiery response from Edmund Bartlett, Leader of Government business and Tourism Minister, who tried for minutes to quell the upcoming discussion. Seconds after Hon. Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert, Speaker of the House of Representatives, in an effort to bring the House back to the agenda and to settle an upcoming uproar, said if there is a stranger in the House, he will be removed. She went on to say that she respects all the views, but she expects her views to be respected as well. Then ruled that the opposition benches belong to any member of parliament who is not a member of the Government.

She explains that there are vacant seats that provide the space for movent then proceeded to invite the Prime Minister to speak.

Seconds after, Burke called for a point of order. She feels that the name-calling was an abuse of the majority when they sought to express their opinion. Speaker quickly disrupted her statements, by saying she was not giving the opportunity to speak. More details to come.

Opposition Leader Mark Golding after his main presentation made it a point of duty to refer to the Member seated on his side, he too is in agreement with MP Hylton.

Denise Daley is serving as a Member of Parliament for St. Catherine Eastern noted that the Member seated on their side is not comfortable and that he needs a comfortable seat at the back, on the other side.