The American Friends of Jamaica, today (December 18), officially handed over $2 million worth of equipment and accessories to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), during a ceremony at the institution on North Street in downtown Kingston.

 The donations include a Cogent Transport Stretcher; eight Tanita Physician Digital Beam Scales; and three EDAN iM3 Vital Signs Monitors with Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry (SpO2), Quick Temperature (Axillary/Oral) and Mobile Stand with Basket and accessories (all adult).

  In her remarks at the ceremony, Programmes Analyst at the American Friends of Jamaica, Frances Fulton, said the organisation welcomed the opportunity to assist the KPH by providing much needed equipment.

“Most of these equipment [were acquired] through our pledge drive at our Miami Gala. So individual donors put money aside for KPH and the items here… were provided through that pledge drive and at the request of KPH,” she said.

Ms. Fulton noted the organisation’s collaboration with Jamaica Hospital Supplies that aided in identifying the requisite equipment, pointing out that they “will be maintained by [them] as well”.

She further highlighted the donation of single-use items/sterile items through the Jamaican American Connection (JAC) in New Haven.

“Those items are already distributed and on site and, hopefully, will ease some of the pressures there,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Senior Medical Officer at the KPH, Dr. Natalie Whylie, expressed appreciation on behalf of the institution.

“We know the budget is tight and we really depend on donations to bridge that gap between what it is that we can provide and what it is that our patients need,” she stated.

“So we are thankful to the American Friends of Jamaica, who have come forward and not only donated items but have donated items that we need, because many times we get donations that are not in line with what it is that we need,” Dr. Whylie added.

From its humble beginnings KPH has evolved into the largest multidisciplinary hospital and trauma centre in Jamaica’s public health system.

The institution continues to be regarded as one in which sophisticated surgery is practised on several scales and, remains a significant contributor in this area in Jamaica.