AAJ: Port Royal Road Shoreline Protection Works

The Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ) has announced a partnership with Y.P. Seaton and Associates Company Limited (YPS) on a key project to execute shore-line protection works along Port Royal Road at the Norman Manley International Airport’s eastern end of the runway.

The improvements, according to the AAJ, are intended to protect the shoreline, Port Royal Road, and the runway in particular from erosion and damage caused by wave action and hurricanes.

According to the AAJ, the works will reinforce and protect the key utility infrastructure (electricity, water, and telecommunication) that runs underground in that area, as well as service the Port Royal community and secure the only access road to Port Royal from hurricane inundation.

They added that as a result, utility service providers, such as the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) and the National Water Commission (NWC), would be involved in the project.

The AAJ highlighted that it is aware of the recent electricity and water interruptions to the Port Royal community occasioned by damage to either the power line or the water main and has been collaborating with the contractor, and the respective service providers to restore the utility services, and to address any other problems as soon as they emerge.

The AAJ stated that it is aware of the inconvenience and hardships that the interruptions have caused the community, and has been working with the parties (YPS, JPS, and NWC) to provide trucked water, ice, and charging stations, among other things, to help alleviate the problems that the citizens are experiencing.

The AAJ sought to reassure residents that every effort is being made to have the disrupted services restored as soon as possible and to avoid the disruption from occurring again during the project’s remaining stages.

They are asking the residents for their patience while the AAJ works to accomplish this project for the benefit of the Port Royal community and the rest of Jamaica.