3 Dead, 15 Injured In Manchester Two Vehicle Crash 

Scores of people gathered to witness the devastation of a two-vehicle collision on the Melrose Hill Bypass in Manchester. The crash resulted in the death of three persons, with fifteen others attending to injuries at the hospital.

The heart-wrenching scene of mangled metal and bodies strewn across the pavement was too much for some to bare.

Constable Adrian Sutherland attached to the Manchester Police Division says preliminary reports suggest at least one of the vehicles involved in the accident disobeyed the one-way traffic sign. 

He notes motorists have been repeatedly ticketed for ignoring that sign in recent times. 

Constable Sutherland laments the prevalence of disobedient motorists who continue to cause mayhem on the roads. 

The May Pen to Williamsfield leg of Highway 2000, tallies us 188 million dollars and is slated to be completed by 2023. 

Cvm Live understands that the minivan involved in the accident was transporting workers of a company contracted to the highway project.  

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