13-year-old Adrianna Laing has been transported to Atlanta, Georgia for medical care, after sustaining third-degree burns in a house fire in Springfield Westmoreland, Sunday.

Her survival is the only story of hope, in a family buried in grief, after the death of her three siblings, who perished in the fire.

Robert White, Managing Director of Sanmerna Paper Products and Director of the Sanmerna Foundation praises the donations they received from several agencies.

Just Wednesday the organization appealed for the public’s assistance in covering the USD forty thousand dollar trip. 

White adds he is hopeful the government will establish a Burn Unit in Jamaica. 

Her father, Adrian Laing says he is comforted knowing his daughter is receiving the necessary care and will receive a second chance; a fate that was denied his three sons, who died in Sunday’s fire. 

Adding to gratitude to the Sanmerna Foundation, and the other agencies for this accomplishment.  Despite the airfare being covered, the family is still in need of donations. 

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman