Opposition calls for the removal of Karl Samuda

Opposition Spokesperson on Labour and Social Security, Dr. Angela Brown Burke is calling for the removal of Karl Samuda as Minister of Labour and Social Security.

Her call comes, as the Jamaican farm workers’ claims of mistreatment in Canada continue and what she describes as the Minister’s cavalier approach. 

Dr. Brown Burke notes though not uncharacteristic, the cavalier statements made by Minister Samuda were insensitive and disrespectful to the Jamaican farm workers in Canada.

She says there is a need for the government to understand that the protection of farm worker rights is equally important as the programme protection.

She says denying complaints made by the workers will create a lack of trust in the government.

On Thursday, Minister Samuda appointed a special fact-finding team to investigate the working and living conditions of farm workers in Canada.

This follows the postponement of a media conference scheduled with the minister on September 1st. More details here:

Reporter: Nicola Brown