Residents of New Haven in Duhaney Park, St Andrew are calling on the National Water Commission (NWC) to address immediately, a raw sewage problem that they say has been ongoing for over two months.

They say calls to the agency go unanswered while the situation worsens daily.

The roadway has been rendered impassible, and the situation poses a number of health risks.

The residents are fearful as they say this could result in a possible dengue outbreak.

They are disgruntled with what they call “inhumane treatment” and are calling on the relevant authority to rectify the problem.

A business owner had to close down her shop due to the stench emanating from the area.

In response, the NWC’s Corporate Communications Manager Charles Buchanan, says that the agency is aware of the issue and that the commission visited the area and initiated attempts to resolve the matter.

Contractors are now being sought to undertake the process.

Buchanan adds that there is a wider sewer issue within the vicinity, due to aggressive chemicals being released and harsh environmental conditions.

As to the time it will take to resolve the matter, he says a timeline can not be given.