Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Novelette Grant is calling for a multi agency approach to deal with cases of domestic violence. According to her, the police cannot handle these matters without support.

However, concerns are being raised about the Jamaica Constabulary Force ability to respond to cases of domestic violence. This follows several reports of officers not reacting to cases with a sense of immediacy.

Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police, Novelette Grant, however, disagrees saying persons might have varying experiences with the police. Still on the issue of domestic violence, she adds that there is need for greater education and a comprehensive three year campaign to tackle the issue.

“Most places I have been to different jurisdictions have the resources to support and care for victims of domestic violence and we need these in place to provide help for these women,” she explains.

Following the recent killings linked to domestic abuse, the People’s National Party Youth arm -PNPYO has announced its move to coordinate legal representation for victims of domestic abuse to separate themselves from their abusers. Retired Police officer Novelette Grant says though women are not the only gender being abused, it is not uncommon to see women and children at police stations seeking help to escape abusive relationships.

She believes that more resources and funds are required to aid women who are in need of this support.

“Part of the advocacy involves getting key stakeholders on board to fight the issue,” she says.

The retired commission is calling on citizens to be more aware of domestic violence as it is not only physical, it is any actions which seeks to gain power or control over a partner.