A lawsuit is now looming for the West India Alumina Company (WINDALCO) following claims that it is responsible for the chemical spill in the Rio Cobre.

The Member of Parliament for the area, Natalie Neita says she will be doing so on behalf of citizens who live along the river. According to her, WINDALCO has been careless with the disposal of its waste and the continuing contamination of the river has bee disastrous for several communities which depend on the water source for fishing and domestic use.

She says.” this reoccurrence is now tantamount to carelessness on the part of the company. Persons have fallen ill from eating contaminated fish and swimming in the effluent filled river.”

On Friday, Kentville residents gathered at a church to speak with an attorney. Although tight-lipped on the matter, the lawyer Charles Ganga-Singh noted that the residents wish to take legal action. He says some have been complaining of feeling ill and believe that the chemical is responsible for many dying at a younger age.

Some residents attempted clean up activities along the river today along with burning the dead fish. They, however, noted that they require more technical support to continue. The St Catherine Public Health Authority says it will be facilitating this as investigations continue.
Meanwhile, WINDALCO has issued a release regarding the matter. Although not accepting responsibility for the chemical spill, it notes that the company is awaiting the findings from the National Environment and Planning Agency to decide which steps to take further.