Kingston, Jamaica, October 18, 2019: The Member of Parliament for North Central St Catherine Natalie Neita is moving to file a lawsuit against bauxite firm West Indies Alumina Company (WINDALCO ) on behalf of the citizens who live along banks of the Rio Cobre in her constituency after several persons have fallen ill after using water or consuming fish from the contaminated river. A massive fish kill was also reported earlier this week in the vicinity of the Big Walk gorge. The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has identified the bauxite company as the source of the problem.

The Member of Parliament contends that the bauxite company has been careless with the disposal of its waste, and the continuing contamination of the river has been disastrous for several communities which depend on the water source for fishing and domestic use.

“This reoccurrence is now tantamount to carelessness on the part of the company. Persons have fallen ill from eating contaminated fish and swimming in the effluent filled river.” Ms. Neita said.

The MP said the people have to be seeking medical help to deal with conditions arising from the continuing contamination of the river and Windalco must be held accountable for this unnecessary disaster.