July 31, 2019

Residents of Hope Bay, Portland are calling for the Health Ministry to intervene in removing a mosquito breeding site in their community. 

Adults mosquitoes and larvae were observed in an abandoned water tank that was once used a water source.

The resident says the presence of these insects is a major concern as it posses serious health threats for children, pregnant women and the elderly. 

They say they have reached out to a health inspector in the area but were advised that it is the responsibility of the parish council to handle the matter.

Apart from the mosquito issue there are also concerns about garbage blocking drains and contributing to the problem. 

One resident believes that timely intervention is required to address the issue before it spirals out of control.

Several calls were made to the Portland Health Department regarding the matter but there has not been a response ton address the issue. 

The concerns of the residents comes on the heels of the Ministry of Health and Wellness implementing several mechanism to handle reports of dengue cases on the island. 

The minister with responsibility for that portfolio, Dr. Christopher Tufton has been appealing to citizens to remove mosquito breeding sites and use mosquito repellents and nets to prevent contracting mosquito-borne diseases.  

Khadijah Thomas