The Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show has enjoyed success as the Caribbean’s premier agricultural event. Renowned for promoting Jamaica’s agriculture prowess while displaying the finest in produce, livestock and the newest addition, marijuana. 

Recently, Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) partnered with Itopia Life Ltd, a newly launched medical ganja dispensary, located in Kingston, to feature locally grown, medical-grade marijuana within the category of “Crop”. The inclusion of marijuana at Denbigh comes four years after the amendment to the Dangerous Drugs Act (2015), which led to the decriminalization and regulation of marijuana. Paving the way for dispensaries like Itopia Life, Epican and Kaya Herb House to cultivate and distribute marijuana for medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes.

Both challenging and rewriting the perception of ganja locally and internationally, Itopia Life Ltd used the event’s platform as an avenue to re-educate Jamaicans on the medicinal properties of the plant, under the theme, “Jamaica’s Most Valuable Crop”.

Itopia Life’s Digital Media Manager, Shayne Morris, shared with CVM, that the marijuana industry is worth USD $219 million and considered the most valuable crop in the world. By 2025, the industry is projected to be worth USD $50 billion.

Morris also said,  “We’ve taken on the mission of public education. An event such as Denbigh allows us to speak to ganja’s benefits both health-wise and economically. One of our guiding principles is to be supportive of grassroots farmers, the community and Jamaica’s socio-economic wellbeing.”
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