Plans are underway to make major developmental changes in the garden parish of St. Ann.

This was disclosed recently by the Mayor, Michael Belnavis who says a multi-million dollar road improvement project is apart of this agenda.

Approximately 80 million Jamaican dollars will be shared among parish councillors for roadwork to be carried out in their division over a period.

Mayor Belnavis notes that this is necessary as the roads used daily by motorists and pedestrians are in a bad condition.

Along with this road project, there will be improvement to infrastructure , street posts and street lights in the parish as well as a drain cleaning exercise.

Mayor Belnavis says the drain cleaning exercise is critical to prevent the outbreak of mosquito borne diseases and  the municipal corporation is working on clearing the existence of mosquito breeding sites in several communities.

Earlier this week, the Municipal corporation had carried out a clean up exercise in the Ocho Rios Market removing the piles of garbage that were present at the location.He had shared that the garbage build up had become a potential health risk and action had to be taken immediately.